Thai Coconut Water Truly Raw Organic (10Qt./9.4Lt.)


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The world’s best coconut water in an environmentally-friendly packaging. Unique Nam Hom coconut variety only found in Thailand’s most prestigious plantations. Truly raw nothing added, nothing taken away. Never heated from harvest all the way to delivery. Coconut water that tastes just like in the coconut —As it was meant to be. Shelf life when kept refrigerated at all times over 30 days.

Order is composed of two boxes of raw coconut water of 5 Qt each. Net product weight for each box: 4.75kg (10.4lbs). Designed to fit in common household refrigerators. Dimensions for each box: 27cm (10inch) x 21cm (8.25inch) x 15cm (6inch).

Truly raw organic coconut water may on rare occasions turn pink. Pinking of raw organic coconut water is a natural phenomenon that does not impact its organoleptic properties nor its nutrient content. For more details please visit our FAQ section.


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  1. Amy B Bacheller (verified owner)

    I have tried so many different brands of coconut water, searching for the perfect one. Let me save you the search and just stop here. This is the purest, freshest, cleanest and most vibrantly alive coconut water that I have found. As an experienced holistic nutritionist, I appreciate the integrity and authenticity of this company and this product. The updated packaging is convenient and easy to use. Cheers!

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