Frequently Asked Questions

Thai coconut water is considered by many to be the best in the world. Especially true for the so-called Nam Hom coconut variety. Nam Hom has a unique and distinct flavor profile. This variety exist only in Thailand and cannot be found in other places in the world.

Unlike major brands we do not use pasteurization (heat) as a mean of sterilization. Pasteurization severly impacts the flavor and decreases the health benefits coconut water normally offers. Also, unlike other brands we exclusively extract coconut water from the Nam Hom variety. Some other brands mix Nam Hom coconut water with coconut wtare from regular coconut. This practice may lower the cost of the final product but also renders a product of inferior quality and flavor. Last but not least, we do not use high pressure processing (HPP) in our process. We use a carefully designed proprietary filtration technology we developped in-house over the course of 5 years of R&D. This technology does not impact any of the characteristics of the original coconut water. Nothing added, nothing taken away. Our coconut is just as in the coconut.

Yes. Cerified by Control Union Certifications since 2005.

Absolutely not. Since we started providing coconut products our intention has been to stay as close as possible to the original natural product as given by the palm. Just pure coconut.

2002. Althought we have been the supplier for various brands over the years, Symbiosis is now the first in-house brand. 

Best is to order 10kg or more in one single order. This will keep shipping cost low. 

We are using a bag-in-box packaging system instead of single-serve plastic bottles. Bag-in-box is usually used for wines and juices. BiB offers two advantages:

• It is an end-consumer friendly bulk packaging. This means less packaging for more product. It allows us to save up to 80% in plastic use if compared to regular bottles. Significantly reducing the amount of plastic released in the environment while at the same time offering convenient delivery system for our coconut water has been a major concern of our for years.

• It has a convenient dispensing nozzle. When the nozzle is pressed the coconut water is being dispensed from the bag without air nor bacteria flowing back in the bag. This means shelf life is preserved even tough the bag has been opened.

Pinkening is a natural occurrence that can only be prevented with chemical treatments and/or pasteurization none of which we apply.

Phenolic compounds, naturally contained in the coconut water, may react with oxygen and turn the coconut water pink.

The same phenomenon has been widely studied in the wine industry and several research articles have been published on the subject.

Pinkening will not change the organoleptic properties of the coconut water, the nutrient content nor its overall quality.

You can safely enjoy the coconut water even once pink.

We do not refund nor replace coconut water that has turned pink after delivery. Thank you for your understanding.

Truly Raw means no heat is applied to the coconut water anywhere from the extraction to filling process. To allow for FDA compliance and extended shelf life, we have developed our own proprietary micro filtration system and cold fill the coconut water aseptically thereafter. Our micro filtration system is specifically designed to target bacteria and bacteria only. It has no effect on nutrients and minerals. The properties of our coconut remain intact after filtration. Coconut water just as in the coconut. Nothing added and nothing taken away.

As long as the shell is not breached, the coconut water in the coconut is sterile. That is the reason it doesn’t spoil on the tree even tough the coconut itself is exposed to tropical temperatures. Once the coconut water is being extracted from the coconut some level of bacterial contamination from exposure to air and puncturing of the shell unavoidably occurs.

For the past five years we have developed a proprietary micro filtration system that allows us to remove the bacteria without removing any of the elements that make coconut water, coconut water. 

Our filtration is unique in the world and has been specifically designed for coconut water in a sense that it leaves the natural composition and properties of coconut water completely untouched. All we do is switching the container but the content remains as in the coconut.

No other treatment is applied. No high pressure, no radiation, no heat.


Yes. Our proprietary process technology for raw coconut water went through a thorough FDA validation checkup and  has been FDA approved.  

When kept under constant refrigeration in a regular household fridge, our coconut water has a shelf life of at least 30 days.

When kept under 4 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit) consistently the shelf life is up to 90 days.

When kept in the freezer our coconut water is safe for consumption within one year. 

Absolutely not. All our coconuts are hand picked by professional (human) pickers. Coconuts clusters (5 to 20 coconuts per cluster) are lowered from the palm by rope to avoid damage on impact on the ground.