The Symbiosis Coconut Water Fountain


غير متوفر في المخزون



Commercial grade, top-quality refrigerated dispenser. Beautifully crafted. Plenty of attention to detail.

Ideal for families, groups, or heavy consumers who do not have fridge space.

Also perfect for yoga studios, dance studios, offices, schools, or any organization/facility wanting to have cold coconut water permanently available for clients, staff, and team members.

Two dispensing nozzles. Can hold up to two bag-in-box cartridges of 10 quarts each. Keeps your coconut water cool at all times ready to be dispensed. Easy cartridge loading procedure. Sanitary design.

Refill QR code for easy website access. Your own unique affiliate QR code is available on special request. Contact us for details.

Available in Summer 2022. Up for pre-order soon.

معلومات إضافية

الوزن 15 كيلوجرام
الأبعاد 70 × 40 × 70 سنتيميتر


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